26 Solecisms

An Anthology of Neo-Christian Orthodoxy in the Criticism of Renaissance Literature

A Ruffled Gun

Cartoon #1[New]

The Decline of Critical Prose, 1900-2000

Lamentation for my Message Board

Shakespeare Said it Best [New]

Thinking for Myself [New]

Traditional Rhetoric of Love Songs [New]


A College Graduate's Adventure [New]

Coy [New]

Express Malice [New]

Fanny Heads West to a Moral Crossroads [New]

Filthy Lucre [New]

Genus and Species [New]

Gravely Disabled [New]

A Masque of 17th-Century Oral Sex for Susan Thompson [New]

Poems on my Insanity Hearing [New]

Stichomythia [New]

Susan Nikas hits the charts [New]

The American Vacuum Cleaner [New]

The Song of Tess's Departure [New]

To Cynthiana, to Keep Both her Lovers [New]

To Debra When I Invited her to Get Drunk [New]

To Elizabeth [New]

To Mariana [New]

To Teresa [New]

Verses to Teresa and Debra [New]

Who Loved the Hoyden? [New]

Why the Novel [New]

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